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Nolly has always loved film and TV. Working at a movie theatre as a teenager she has always wanted to be apart of the industry. Being on the set of a movie or TV feels like home to Nolly, seeing all the creative elements come together to create a world for the viewers is so inspiring and is one that Nolly believes she will be in for the rest of her life


Acting Demo Reel

Erotic Stories

Nolly appeared in Episode 3 of the SBS mini series Erotic Stories. Her bit role as Kinky Enby was an incredible experience. Director by Madeleine Gottlieb, erotic stories currently has four AACTA nominations. 

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The Secrets She Keeps: S2


Just after moving to Sydney Nolly was lucky enough to land a role as a prisoner on season 2 of The Secrets She Keeps. She felt she fell into the role so comfortably and with ease. She loved every second of the experience.

Screen Shot 2021-10-31 at 11.15_edited.jpg

Fires - ABC mini series

Nolly has appeared as an extra in many TV series over the years, but this ABC mini series, Fires, was one Nolly felt truly grateful to be apart of. Directed by Michael Rymer this series is based on the 2019-2020 bushfires that devastated Australia.

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